Specjalnie dla was publikujemy najnowszy test bocciowy na twardość. Jego celem jest likwidacja zbyt miękkich kul poruszających się bez „rotacji”

Co sądzicie o nowym rozwiązaniu?

Finally the new ball test, „Roll test” was released. Each ball will be tested using a standard BISFed Roll Test to check that it will roll under the influence of gravity by releasing the ball down an aluminium ramp 290mm in length at an incline of 25 degrees to the horizontal. Each ball must roll at least 175mm on the 100mm wide horizontal aluminium exit plate of the test device and will be deemed to have passed the test if it rolls true along the horizontal exit plate and drops off the end of the horizontal exit plate. Each ball may be tested a maximum of three times and will be deemed to fail if it does not fall off the horizontal exit plate on one of the three attempts. A ball which falls off the side of the exit plate will be deemed to fail.